Joy Huang
Born in 1965, Kaohsiung, Taiwan. 10-year glass working experience in foreign countries made Joy have excellent glass blowing techniques. She was influenced by the artworks of international glass artist ~ Chihuly, and quitted her personal pottery studio, then went to U.K. to learn glass art teaching. She got the best technique award ~ Colin Gill Memorial Award. She had been to different glass studios in Norway, U.K., H.K., Japan, Thailand, Germany, New Zealand, and also tittot in Taiwan. In these countries, she kept on creating and teaching. Multi-cultures and different arts had brought different impacts. And these kept on stimulating Joy to find out which culture can become the representative of Taiwan. Then, she studied the aborigine culture and challenged the Taiwanese style glass artworks. She had integrated the honor and pride of the aborigine into the Taiwanese style glass artworks. Her articles had been presented and collected by museums of Europe for several times.

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