This song is for you,just for you.

Way to The Star

The night we sit and watch the stars.
Down the fading darkness before the day to start.
Was that the distance all the empty prayers will fall.
Too far……….too far……….

You say it’s just the way your
Shallow lies bring you down
The lovers break your heart
And when you stand up high those stars ain’t seem the far
Too far…….
Dreaming on know the dreams will go shatter
Living on see the life all been wasted
Now I need a change
For nothing ever changed
Anyway the day comes again

Creeping on when the doubt tumbles you down
Holding on when the crow drowning you out
If that’s what it takes
No one ever cares
You’ll see it’s my way

Tell your fortune name your star
Keep the faith to forecast the weather in your heart
The flood will stop and I know your won’t stray too far
Too far………too far…..

Never want to speak my prayer
I just want to be myself.



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